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Nothing quite matches the infinite grains, textures, colors and weight of a beautiful piece of wood. Indeed, even the most common domestic woods can become life treasures if turned, cut, joined, sanded and finished with purpose. All the wood products on this page were created with top of the line woodworking tools and finishers. Every step has been taken to insure the creation of a well-built item that, if properly cared for, will last for a lifetime.

Batons & Cases

Single, Double and Quad Baton Cases
Baton Cases made from all species of wood as well as combinations of wood are possible. Created from only the best quality, hand selected kiln dried lumber, you may choose from simple cases to custom designed cases cut on the CNC. All wood cases can be engraved with text or logos. Similarly, batons are available in multiple lengths with many choices of handle shapes and wood types. Wood handles are employed with both wood shafts or graphite shafts.

Reed Cases

Single and Double Reed Cases are available. Like the baton cases, only the highest quality, hand-selected kiln dried lumber is used. Each case is created with the goal of retaining the natural grains and colors of the wood; no stains are used. Natural voids such as cracks or knots are filled to be structurally sound yet reflect their original beauty. Two to three coats of clear lacquer seals and finishes off each case. Custom made pads and plexi-glass are used for single reed cases, and professionally designed, die-cut foam inserts are used for the double reed cases. Dual wood choices are available. Cases can be engraved prior to finish.

Clarinet and Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces

Handcrafted for Professional Musicians and for Students

Music Instrument Stands

Roger Garrett

Principal Clarinetist of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra - Peoria, Illinois Associate Professor Emeritus Illinois Wesleyan University - Bloomington, Illinois
I hope you enjoy the variety of products and services available through this website. These products come out of my love of woodworking and music performance. A little bit about me: I have lived in Bloomington, Illinois since we moved here in 1988. I taught at Illinois Wesleyan University in the School of Music where I taught Applied Clarinet, Conducting, Secondary Methods, Marching Band Practicum, Titan Band (pep band), and the Concert Band/Symphonic Winds performing concert ensembles. I created the Recording Services area in the School of Music at IWU, and I established the current model for work study positions in both the recording area and the Titan Band during that time. I retired in 2020 after 35 years of teaching.

More About Me

— Roger Garrett, musician and craftsman
My formal studies took place at The University of Michigan, where I received my Bachelors of Music and my Masters of Music degrees. During my years at Michigan I was fortunate to perform in the Symphony Band under H. Robert Reynolds, the Symphony Orchestra under Gustav Meier, and the Marching Band under George Cavender and later Eric Becher. I enjoyed studying conducting with Professor Reynolds, Donald Schleicher, and Elizabeth Green and Clarinet with David Shifrin, Herbert Blayman, and John Mohler. I was enrolled in the Ph.D. Program for a year when I was hired by IWU. Seven years in all at University of Michigan, and I treasure all of that time. Prior to teaching at IWU and before my graduate studies, I taught at Mark Morris High School in Longview, WA and then at Bozeman High School in Bozeman, MT. At those public schools I taught beginning band, middle school band, and all of the high school band courses. At both jobs, those high school courses included two performing bands from which the marching bands and pep bands were drawn, and jazz ensembles. I hold a special place in my heart for those students in my first years of teaching. Many of them remain good friends and we keep in touch via email and facebook. Nearly everything I do in the woodshop came about because I needed something, or a friend or a student needed something. For example, reed cases came about because I wanted to make my own reed cases to use with the Peoria Symphony. Students saw them and asked me to make cases for them, and so on. The bassoon and oboe reed cases happened because a bassoon student asked why I didn't make a bassoon reed case, so of course, I had to design and create one. I learned to turn batons by necessity. Students at IWU required batons, and they were expensive to purchase. In my last four years there I turned batons for every student and gave them out on the first day of class. I still receive messages that they are using their batons with their students in the schools where the teach! It was common for clarinet students to show up for their first clarinet lessons at IWU with good instrument but a poorly matched mouthpiece. One of my sabbaticals helped me take time to learn to reface mouthpieces. Eventually refacing led to purchasing blanks and reworking bore, facing, and all other aspects of custom mouthpiece work. Clarinet and Trumpet Mutes? It started as a gift for my brother Greg, a top call trumpet player in Portland, OR who is one of the best trumpet players I know. Trumpet Stands? Requests from friends. The rest - toy tops, pens, birdhouse ornaments, wood bowls, and even furniture (end tables, coffee tables, sofa tables) were all just a natural occurrence of having the tools and the interest. Beyond music and woodworking, I enjoy tinkering with bicycles (road bikes) and cycling, grilling and smoking meats and vegetables for cook-outs, and of course, golf with friends. I am kept in line by my smart and talented wife, Sara, and our two sons Phil (currently teaching public school in Wisconsin) and Peter (currently performing as a cellist in the Alabama Symphony Orchestra). Our two border collies, Linus and Archie round out a busy schedule!


Customer Reviews

Samuel Rhoton -Bassoonist, Portland Opera - Principal Bassoon, Pacific University - Adjunct Professor of Bassoon, George Fox University - Adjunct Professor of Bassoon
"I have been using Roger Garrett's reed cases for well over a decade, I will never use any other reed case again. I have purchased seven of his cases in all types and have never been dissatisfied with my purchases. In particular, I love my newest cocobolo case. Rogers cases are strong, long-lasting, and provide proper air circulation to the reeds so I have never had any issues with mold or mildew. Thanks, Roger for creating a quality product at incredible prices."
Michael Dicker Professor Emeritus, Illinois State University Principal Bassoonist, Peoria Symphony Orchestra Contrabassoonist, Illinois Symphony Orchestra Principal Bassoonist, Heartland Festival Orchestra
“I have purchased two Garrett bassoon reed cases, one Garrett baroque bassoon reed case, and one Garrett contrabassoon reed case. The first bassoon reed case was purchased about twenty years ago and still functions perfectly. All of Roger’s cases have worked well for me. They are well made and they are very attractive. I recommend them enthusiastically!”
Mark K. Day Professional Woodwind Artist Southern California
“Garrett reed cases hit all the notes! They take excellent care of my reeds, are made with painstaking craftsmanship, and are beautiful as well. I have 3 in different finishes for Bass Clarinet, Bari Sax, and Tenor Sax, making it easy to keep my reeds organized at a glance. Synthetic reeds tend to warp, and my Garrett cases keep them perfectly flat- extended reed life means extended savings for me. I’m a Garrett customer for life!”
Gerik Fon-Revutzky Bassoon, Contrabassoon & Conducting Studio Plus Marketing, Inc. dba Fon-Revutzky Studio, Inc.
“Roger Garrett's reed cases are incredibly well designed and functional, while also being true works of art. I originally ordered a case from Roger because I simply needed a new one, but liked it so much that I ordered another (more custom) one relatively soon after. Since then Roger has made 4+ more for either my personal use or for me to give as gifts. Roger has always... Read More
Erik Oberg Band Director Sterling High School, Sterling, IL
“Roger’s mouthpieces are the fastest and most economical way to take my students’ playing to the next level. They improve tone, control and intonation so much that it’s like my students are playing on a whole new instrument.”
Eric Ginsberg – Professor of Clarinet, Western Illinois University Principal 2nd Clarinet – Peoria Symphony Orchestra, Principal Clarinet – Knox-Galesburg Symphony
“I recommended that some of my clarinet students try Roger’s bass clarinet mouthpieces. We were very impressed! They play beautifully, with an ease of response and a friendly relationship with reeds that is admirable. Roger also worked on one of my Zinner Eb blanks, the result being a very focused sound, and most importantly, impeccable intonation in the altissimo register.”
Mike Lawton Band Director Frost Jr. High School, Schaumburg, IL
“Roger Garrett's mouthpieces have been integral to my playing since 2004. They are reliable, consistent, and have enabled me to perform at my very best for two decades. The quality craftsmanship that goes into each mouthpiece is well worth the price, and has on numerous occasions outshone other custom mouthpieces that cost twice as much. I encourage my students to play on... Read More
Teresa J. Elliott
"As a 40-year veteran band director, I have found Roger’s Bb Clarinet and Bass Clarinet mouthpieces to be the most affordable and free blowing mouthpieces available! I first heard about Roger’s mouthpieces through Dr. Scott Wright, Professor of Clarinet at the University of Kentucky. My Beaumont Middle School Band out of Lexington, Kentucky was performing at the 2005 Midwest... Read More

Production and Shipping Timelines and Replacement of Defective Merchandise/Returns

Shipped within the United States. Other Countries please inquire.
Most of the products here, unless pictured on the Currently Available page, are built to order. Having said that, some can be ready to be shipped within two or three days of order, and some may take longer. Generally, wood products such as reed cases, baton cases, and batons will be shipped within 10 days an order is placed. Mouthpieces can be done more quickly. To deliver your favorite products, we ship through the United States Postal Service. We are ready to entrust them with your orders and are always on your side if something goes wrong. Mistakes do happen, although we have only experienced one or two lost items in over 25 years of being in business. Both items were located. We have not had any items damaged in shipment, but we are prepared to take care of you if they are. We will be happy to assist you with eligible returns, the return instructions, and the shipping address. If you need a return or exchange, send us an email so we can discuss a replacement. Return/Replacement Guidelines: There is no stated or implied warranty associated with any of the products I manufacture. After receiving the product, please inspect the product to be sure that no damage has occurred during shipment. If there is damage, please contact us immediately, and we will begin a replacement process for you. If the product is undamaged but is not acceptable for some reason, the customer may return the product at their expense and, upon receipt of the undamaged product, your purchase will be refunded less a 15% restock fee. Defective merchandise can be exchanged item for item or repaired provided that the defective merchandise is returned to us for inspection. Once the product has been inspected and determined to be defective, replacement of the merchandise can be processed. Unless the merchandise was damaged during shipment or is defective, we cannot accept any returns on custom orders (for example, reed cases made from wood other than oak, walnut, maple or cherry, engraved products, or specially designed product for the customer). If a product is found to be defective or damaged, the cost of shipping back to us will be refunded. The customer is expected to have read all information at this web site that deals with correct care and maintenance of products we sell. If returning merchandise, we recommend that you package the item(s) securely with appropriate bubble wrap or some other protective packing material, insure your package and send it via a trackable carrier such as FedEx, Express or Priority Mail and/or UPS.

Your Reed Case

Care and Maintenance
We take great care to produce beautiful wood cases from kiln dried woods. Only the best sealers and lacquers are used to create your reed case. Still, wood is an organic material that requires care and maintenance. Even though the wood has been sealed with several coats of lacquer, standing water on or in the case or immersion of the case in water can compromise the finish and damage the wood. Reeds should never be placed into the case dripping wet. Excess water should be removed from the reed before it is placed back into the case. Double reed cases have air holes that allow for air circulation, so the reed can be placed back in the case damp from use. For single reeds, reeds that are placed in the case flat side up will dry more quickly and evenly than if placed flat side against the plexiglass. Of course, for transport, the reed should be placed in the case flat side down. The hinges of your reed case are installed in a slot that allows the case to open and the lid to remain at a near 90 degree angle. Because it is wood, if dropped the case can split or break open. If this occurs, it most likely will break at the hinge joint. In most cases this can be repaired. But of course, it is best to avoid dropping your reed case! Finally, over time, the case may become scratched or worn. For a small fee plus shipping costs, you may ship your case back for refinishing and/or adjustment. Or, if you prefer, we can provide instructions for how you can try to refinish the case on your own. If major repair is required, additional costs could be incurred. Please contact us for more information for repair or refinish options.

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